Facebookalicious: Your fans are your business

Cheers to Mark Zuckerberg who made the biggest procrastination tool university students have yet to conquer; who made our lives so much easier when it comes to talking to our future husbands; and now, he is the man responsible for making every person subconsciously type the letters… F A C E B O O K.

In the dormitory of Harvard University ten years ago the Facebook phenomenon took off. Being a country girl, eating straw with the cows was more appealing to me than Facebook (ok no, we totally still had dial up in the stables till recently so it’s not my fault I’m new to Facebook!). But being new has it’s perks…I haven’t had my whole life played out on the Internet for the world to see. And that is what Facebook does, it allows the world to see EVERYTHING. Good or bad you might ask? In some circumstances it can be bad, but for others it has been the best marketing and public relations tool for their companies, big or small, to help them grow.

Let’s take personal trainer, fitness icon and Facebook famous Kayla Itsines as an example as a growing Facebook business. If it wasn’t for Facebook, she wouldn’t have the 161 thousand followers she has today. But it was a post the other day that struck me, and then someone commented exactly my thoughts.

Kayla photo

Going from a normal person to Facebook famous overnight, Kayla can be seen struggling with the amount of workload her fans demand. It is true, her fans are her business. But it’s also true that she does have a life outside of social media.

Here are my top 5 points for a thriving Facebook business

  • You must pick your timing and amounts right when it comes to posting. Post too much, lose your followers; post too little, lose your followers.
  • Pick your target audience and post accordingly to them.
  • Your fans are your business. Wait on them hand and knees…that’s how you make your money after all.
  • Like they say in primary school, ‘there’s never a dumb question’. This goes for the owner and the customers.
  • Read everything. Those small comments of feedback might be the thing your business if lacking


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