One Minute

A minute is a funny amount of time. It’s long enough to notice that watching the video above will take just about a minute – but it’s too short to do anything with. There are famously only about five hundred thousand of them in a year. After watching the video you will know that 255 babies born in a minute will turn into 367 thousand babies in a day, 2.5 million in a week, and 134 billion babies in a year. But what you don’t know is that since you began reading this post, 100 hours of user-generated content has been uploaded to the video sharing platform this same video has used to show you. And it’s none other than the world’s biggest video sharing platform, YouTube.

YouTube started back in 2005, attracting thousands of viewers and subscribers each day since. And now, today, the site has over 1 billion users each month. It’s a place where anyone can show anything to the world.

A place for magicians to show their tricks…

…for a group to show their talents


…or for already prestigious companies to advertise a little more


But you might ask, what do these three video producers all have in common? It’s simple. Each individual, group and company have used YouTube as a marketing tool to get their names/company known. And I say, why not? It’s easy, it’s cheap, and you can watch the money roll in with every view you get.

So here’s a checklist to get started. You’ll need:
–      High definition camera with video capabilities (As good as they are nowadays, smart phones just won’t cut it)
–      Editing program (iMovie on your Mac works a treat)
–      A YouTube account

That’s how easy it is. And if you are that technologically dysfunctional (besides the fact that you maybe shouldn’t be in charge of the marketing side of things), jump on YouTube for a step by step guide of How to make a video on YouTube.

Stick around for next week as we’ll be talking Twitter. It’s time for the hashtag queen to shine!


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